10 Real Estate Photography Tips

It’s very difficult to begin a real estate photography business in the US without knowing all aspects of it. When I started to work in the real estate photography industry, I did not understand all the subtleties of this work and faced some troubles. Now, having 10 years of working with this type of photography, I want to tell you about some secrets and tips connected with salaries, gear, camera settings, lightning, best time to shoot, etc. I will show you the variants how to get into real estate photography and achieve success in the photo business.

US rates for photography services

Lately we can observe a great boom in this style of photography, but income increased 10-fold, and exceeds 1 billion dollars.


The shooter can get from $100 to $300 for the survey in Georgia, Oregon, Utah, Boise, Idaho. The normal price in Phoenix, Maine and Dallas ranges from $170-200 to $380. Photographers from Miami and Charleston receive the highest payment – over $500. And the average photographer receives a wage bill about $40,000 dv per year and $25 per hour. Many photographers are looking for ways to increase income. Some of them use video shooting and increase their incomes at least twice. The video with different impressive effects makes an impression on potential buyers, so the cost of video is from $1000. The most expensive pleasure is video shooting with the help of a drone. Photos from different angles have a big effect, so the cost of this type of shooting is at least $2000. But for this it is necessary to have permission.


Don’t neglect studying

If you want to associate your life with real estate photography, but you do not have experience, I offer you several training options:
In order to improve your photography skills in real estate photography, I offer you several training options:

1. YouTube free real estate photography classes.
2. Online free classes.
3. Paid online classes.
4. Scott Hargis classes.
5. Universities/schools (Architecture/REP in Atlanta).

Necessary gear

You need to have professional real estate photography equipment for taking high-quality photos. I recommend taking the following gear for about 4,500 for a good start:


Don’t forget about polarizing filter. I use the Hoya brand as the colors seem to be more faithful and clear. Especially good for window photos to remove blinks. To hold this gear you will need a photography bag with extra batteries even if you use them only once in your life. Cleaning cloths will simplify photo editing.

Camera settings

How to perfectly configure the camera? There are no perfect settings that you can use anytime for all property and interior photos. It is better to adjust the camera based on the circumstances and conditions of the photoshoot. It is necessary to adjust the shutter speed and ISO. Pay special attention to the diaphragm. If you want more light, make a wider lens. The standard aperture settings are between F/8 and F/11, and the shutter speed is from 1/60 to 1/2 a second. Configure ISO to 400.

Lighting: Exterior & Interior

The quality of your work, and therefore of photography, depends on real estate photography lighting.

Exterior real estate photography tips


1. Photos of exteriors must be filled with sunlight.
2. Leave shadows when editing pictures.
3. Experiment with contrast in photos.
4. Explore the location of the object to create high-quality images.
5. Use day to dusk effect to make high end photographs.

Interior photography lighting tips:

1. A tripod helps to make the photos clear.
2. Arrange objects in the room for successful shots. Focus on attractive interior elements.
3. Use different lenses (24mm and 50mm) for interesting interior details.
4. Use the LED panel for clear and vivid photos.
5. Us f/5.6-f/11 aperture to receive a bokehlicious look on your property shots.

Best time to make photography for real estate

Your advantage when photographing a property is a sunny day. Good lighting allows you to take a picture of the object.


Overcast weather will spoil your photo shooting and you will get additional costs. Therefore, plan everything in advance and create favorable conditions for good shots.

Photo editing tips and tricks

Photo editing is the final and most important step in creating a picture. You can make it at home singly, in online service, or use real estate photo editing services.


1. RAW format is more preferable. It is suitable for better photo retouching.
2. Use vertical correction in your work
3. You can crop the photo if necessary. This will remove unnecessary elements
4. Use the High Dynamic Range when photo shoot.
I usually using Real Estate Lightroom Presets for photo editing, which will simplify it and make fast.


41 Lightroom presets will remove the shadows, change the brightness and color in the rooms, give natural High Dynamic Range adjustment, etc.

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