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When you and your family are looking for household brands you can trust, look for companies that are safe for both your loved ones and the environment. Here are four household brands that are eco-friendly and have their eye toward sustainable practices.

Continental Tires

With the help of the Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology, Julius Kuehn- Institute and EKUSA, companies like Continental Tires are revolutionizing the future of tires. In particular, Continental has thought of a way to utilize the normally pesky dandelion as a key component in manufacturing eco-friendly tires. Within five to 10 years, Continental Tires plans to sell its tires with tread made totally out of polymer-based natural rubber versus rubber manufactured from the traditional "rubber belt" near the equator.

With the demand for rubber projected to rise in the next 10 years, this idea will be utilized as an alternative source for natural rubber production, taking pressure off rubber trees. As a weed, dandelions can be grown in many places that most crops, including rubber trees, can't survive. But with the ability to grow its source of rubber next to its tire factories, Continental Tires will reduce its carbon dioxide emissions, as the company no longer has to rely on transporting rubber from South America or West Africa. Continental Tires plans to use the next five to 10 years to sync the agronomy process and overcome other significant hurdles before introducing this innovative tire to the market.

Johnson & Johnson

Since 1986, Johnson & Johnson and its operating companies have been supplying your home with brands like Tylenol, Listerine, Band-Aid, Purell, Aveeno and so much more. The company's subsidiaries have long operated under clean energy protocols and have adopted environmentally-friendly packaging. Since 2007, the Band-Aid brand has utilized materials from responsibly managed forests, which have been certified by the International Forest Stewardship Council. Johnson & Johnson has nine solar facilities that have helped the Band-Aid brand achieve a 9 percent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions from 1990 to 2008.

General Mills

Since 1930, General Mills has been committed to sustainability with its recycled paperboard packaging and crop rotation practices. Since 2010, GM has been working aggressively to reach its environmental sustainability goals. The company plans to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent by using renewable energy sources whenever possible.

GM also plans to reduce its energy and water usage by 20 percent through various energy reduction processes and identify opportunities to target water conservation. GM's facilities, like the one in Albuquerque, New Mexico, are recycling nearly 90 percent of their output, which is a large increase compared to 48 percent in 2010. The company also plans to continue expanding its recycling program, which reduces its own landfill waste by almost 33 tons every month.


Green Works Cleaners, from the Clorox company, is a line of cleaning products powerful enough to clean your homewithout the harsh chemical fumes that harm you and your loved ones. It's a perfect addition to your green and natural lifestyle that incorporates plant- and mineral-based cleaning ingredients that are biodegradable and not tested on animals. Green Works uses environmentally-sustainable packaging as often as possible. Additionally, all of Green Works' household and commercial products carry the EPA's Design for the Environment logo, meaning its products are great for your family and the environment.

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