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If you're thinking about selling your house, or if it's just in need of a little love, taking advantage of sales throughout the holiday season can help you add a little pizazz or make it more attractive to the potential next owner. Knowing what to look for and what to stay away from this season can help you make smart buys.

Patio furniture

When the weather turns cold, retailers who have remaining summer furniture stock on hand need to get rid of it. That makes now a great time to buy a new outdoor dining set or lounge seating. It may not top your list of "must-haves" right now, especially if you're looking to sell your home soon. But a well-staged outdoor area can be a huge selling point for buyers.

Fire pit

While you're looking at outdoor furniture, be sure to check out the fire pits. Even if you live in a climate where outdoor enjoyment is limited in the winter, setting the scene for potential buyers who will undoubtedly look in the yard regardless of the temperature can help make an emotional connection that has a better chance of leading to a sale.


Old, ratty, or timeworn furniture could be a turnoff to buyers. A few key updates can make your house more appealing simply by making it look well-cared-for and updated. Furniture actually made Kiplinger's list of the "15 Worst things to buy during the holidays," but that's because they think you should wait until just after Christmas (which technically still qualifies for the holiday season, as far as we're concerned).

For the best overall buys, "Wait until after Christmas, when furniture stores hold clearance sales to make room for new styles that are usually released in February," they said. "For example, furniture retailer Room & Board has an in-store and online clearance sale once a year, typically the day after Christmas. Expect discounts of up to 50% on discontinued furniture styles and in-store floor samples."


We all know the importance of an updated kitchen when trying to sell your home. It can make your sale, or kill it. But that doesn't mean you need to redo the whole thing. New appliances can distract from other areas that might need some attention, and, the good news is, December is a great time to buy major appliances, according to Consumer Reports. We've already seen some deep discounts on refrigerators, ranges, ovens, and dishwashers at Lowe's, Home Depot, and Sears, with many sales expected to continue through the end of December.


Buyers probably won't be any more or less convinced to buy your home if they look in your cabinet and see a shiny new set of pots and pans. But a nice piece of enamel wear filled with a fragrant holiday mix simmering on your stove can infuse your home with a rich scent and show potential buyers you have good taste.

The holiday season is a great time to buy new cookware, according to The Balance. Their recommendations: "Before buying a whole set, also consider your actual needs; many people end up only using a few pieces of their set. It can be significantly easier to buy what you know you'll use regularly, such as a sauce pan or frying pan."

Carpet and flooring

If your floors need some work, this may be the perfect time to get them redone. The holiday season is the perfect time to check out flooring options like carpet, said Carpet Captain. "Kids are out on break. Many people are traveling. Money is tight after buying Christmas and Hanukah presents. People are stressed out and decorating to have family and friends over; the last thing they want to do is clear out their home to have carpet installed. Some salesman may be desperately looking for a Christmas bonus from commission on your sale. This is when the biggest savings happen. Best time to strike: December 21 to January 14."

House plants

Adding a little greenery to your house can, quite literally, give it life. Houseplants have been shown to have positive psychological impacts on those in the space. They can also have positive physical effects that could improve the lives of your family long after your house is sold, presuming you take the plants with you. "According to studies by NASA, certain plants can filter dangerous compounds commonly found in homes that are associated with respiratory illnesses, cancer, and more," said Popsugar. For a list of the best houseplants that can improve your health, click here.

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