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Rolling Thunder Race Schedule For October 28th At Big Sky Brewery! Don't Forget The Awesome Food Vendors!


9:00am - 10:00am ONLY DAY OF REGISTRATION (can check in 30m before each race). 

Podiums are done 5 minutes after the last finisher has crossed the line in each race.  Top 5 recognized, top 3 prizes or cash.  Overall Wild West Series top 3 honored at 4:30pm and 9:45pm

10:30am - Strider Race - 2-5 yr old
10:30am - Pedal Bike Juniors - 3-6 yr old - half lap
11:00am - Junior boys and girls 7-9 yr old and beginning juniors - 2 laps*
11:35am - Juniors boys and girls 10-14 yr old - 3 laps
11:35am - Juniors boys and girls 15-18 yr old - 3 laps
12:30pm - Cat 4/Beginner Women - 30m*
1:20pm - Cat 5/Beginner Men - 30m*
2:15pm - Master Women 40+ - 40m
3:30pm - Cat 4 Men - 45m
5:10pm - Master Men 40+ - 50m
5:10pm - Master Men 50+ - 50m
5:10pm - Master Men 60+ - 50m
6:20pm - Single Speed Men - 40m
6:20pm - Single Speed Women - 40m
7:20pm - Cat 1/2/3 Women - 55m
8:30pm - Cat 3 Men - 60m
8:30pm - Cat 1/2 Men - 60m




We are super excited to work with the hottest food truck in Missoula.  Wally and Buck!  They will be around most of Saturday for lunch and dinner.  Also coming for 2017 Clove Cart Pizza!  Pumped!

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