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Airbnb-branded apartments will use Latch smart access locks

Complex designed specifically for home sharing will offer guests keyless access

The first-ever Airbnb-branded apartments will come equipped with smart lock access.

On Thursday, Latch, a smart lock technology startup that’s developed an access system for multifamily buildings, announced it will provide smart locks to the 324-unit complex currently being built in Kissimmee, Florida, by Miami-based Newgard Development Group.

Slated to open in the spring, the complex, designed specifically for home sharing and known as Niido Powered by Airbnb, will allow residents to sublet their spaces up to 180 days a year. Residents who participate in home sharing will be placed into Airbnb’s Friendly Buildings Program, which enables hosts and landlords to share revenue from hosting.

Niido plans to use Latch’s smart access system to make the subletting process easier and safer. When a guest books a stay at Niido, they’ll be given a door code that allows them to access their rental, essential building entry points and common areas.

“We are proud to be working with Niido to create a seamless access solution for its buildings,” said Latch co-founder and CEO Luke Schoenfelder in a press release. “Safe and seamless access sharing is crucial to the success of home sharing platforms like Niido that represent the future of hospitality and modern living.”

Latch’s three lock options (Series R, M and C).

Latch provides three lock options (Series R, Series M and Series C) that allow residents to access their apartments with a key (only on Series M and C) or with the Latch smartphone app, keycard or special door code. Residents can also create time-sensitive door codes so guests or third-party service providers (dog walkers, cleaners, deliverers, etc.) can enter while they are away.

When guests arrive, their entrance can be monitored by an embedded wide-angle camera for extra security.

Niido will be using the Series M (mortise) locks for apartment doors and Series R (reader) locks for other building entry points and common areas.

Beyond Latch’s slick design and seamless system, Niido says they were impressed with the company’s status as the only smart access system built to work on every door type in North America. Latch COO Ali Hussain explained that Latch is also UL safety certified and in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which made choosing the company an easy choice for Niido.

“Niido is really excited to work with the visionary team at Latch to bring an innovative solution that provides convenience and security to Niido’s guests and hosts,” said Niido CEO and co-founder Harvey Hernandez in a statement.

Newgard and Airbnb plan to expand the branded apartments throughout the southeastern U.S., with a Miami Niido location already in the works. Airbnb assisted Newgard with the design process and the subletting program, but Newgard will retain full ownership of the buildings.

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