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As we wake up from the holiday haze, most of us think of some new year resolutions. The sense of renewal seems like powerful fuel for change, and it inspires brave efforts. But sadly, most of the time, these resolutions end up being set aside all too quickly. One of the reasons this happens is that they often don't show immediate results, and take a lot of effort to accomplish. Fortunately, when it comes to real estate, there are some great steps you can take to make sure your marketing strategy works all year:

1. Find the right tools to give you the right rhythm

For many agents, online marketing seems like a daunting task to tackle. All of the steps needed can seem very scattered and complicated, which is why people get easily tuned off, and miss out on the tremendous benefits for their businesses that a good strategy offers.

Don't miss out! It's best to have an all-in-one marketing solution at your fingertips, like the one designed by Point2. This way, you get instant access to a web-based Online Office which is your one-stop control panel for all the tools you need. Starting from this main hub, you can easily deploy and profit from the following tools:

A mobile-friendly agent website that you can easily tweak and maintain yourself
Individual property websites that showcase your VIP listings and draw more attention
Integrated CRM with proven effectiveness when it comes to incubating leads
Drip email campaigns that come with templates or that you can customize, to keep your leads engaged and talking about you
Advanced advertising options to seriously boost your exposure With these tools at your disposal, you are in control.

When you make your online marketing schedule, start with one hour each day. Learn the ropes, see what works, remember that things take time -- stay on top and don't rush the process. That's one of the best ways to keep a new year resolution fired up each month.

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2. Be smart about budgeting and advertising

Agents often have trouble keeping on top of an advertising budget, because sometimes it's difficult to tell whether you're getting the bang you're expecting from your buck. Some advertising options work right away, like a listing ad on a highly trafficked portal. Others are meant to build more slowly, like the visitor count on your website, but the results do appear in due time. When people get these two strategies confused, frustration sets in.

Do better! Be smart and try to use listing ads designed to send your exposure sky high, for a fast result. Point2's listings portal Point2 Homes offers featured advertising to highlight your listings and show up on top of search pages. The portal gets 18,000 listing views every hour -- imagine what that could mean for your exposure in the short term!

To get your listings on Point2 Homes, all you need is a Point2 membership, which includes $1,000 worth of ads each year for the Professional solution, and $6,000 worth of ads each year for the Elite solution, now at a fraction of the cost.

At the same time, follow good practices and update your site and your blog, for long-term results. Knowing what to expect of both strategies, and working to employ them at the same time is a very good path to success.

Pacing your efforts and planning ahead are the only ways to keep your new year resolutions on track and working for you, not the other way around! Play it smart and efficient, and you won't run out of steam by the middle of the year.

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Point2 is a powerful online marketing solution for real estate professionals. Get everything you need to expand your real estate business, including an easy-to-use-website, intuitive lead generation tools, detailed analytics and much more.

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