ZillaState is a small brokerage located in Missoula, Montana. Our associates are dedicated to helping you with all your real estate needs in Missoula and western Montana. We specialize in residential and commercial property sales and purchases. At ZillaState, we work with our clients to identify and present the best solutions to their real estate needs. We are with you every step of the way, taking time to explain the process and potential outcomes of your real estate transaction.

ZillaState enjoys and welcomes first time home buyers. Buying your first home can be somewhat intimidating; we are there with you every step of the way explaining the process from beginning to end.

A short list of services we provide:

  • Comparative Market Analysis.
  • Property Staging.
  • Professional photography for your property.
  • Dedicated website for your property.
  • Electronic Signature Service for your  real estate transaction documents.
  • Cloud transaction document vault (Spring 2011).

Let ZillaState’s knowledge work for you:

  • First time home buyer.
  • Residential Listing/Purchase.
  • 1031 exchange.
  • Commercial Listing/Acquisition.
  • Commercial Leasing.
  • Real estate investment (section 8, etc.)

How did you get the name, “ZillaState”?

When the owner, Jed Dennison first moved to Missoula he worked as camp counselor at the Missoula Y.M.C.A.. One day while swimming with a couple of campers on each arm; Jed mentioned that he was like Godzilla. One of the campers disagreed and called Jed, “Jedzilla”. Within a week most of the folks who knew Jed were calling him “Jedzilla” and the name has stuck ever since. There has been a Jedzilla Mountain Bike Race along with other Jedzilla related sporting events. For Jed the name choice of his Real Estate Brokerage was obvious, ZillaState.