8 home staging props that look great and save money


Help potential buyers envision themselves living in their new home

Listing agents strive to help potential buyers make a connection with the home from the moment they pull up to the curb.

One way to prompt this feeling is through staging. Staging sets the mood of a room, which allows homebuyers to envision themselves living there and making new memories.

However, staging is a marketing cost that not all agents can afford. To save money without making rooms look cheap or empty, here are some props agents can easily reuse in any listing.


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Decorators say mirrors can be a powerful staging tool because they open up rooms by mimicking windows, but they also add a homey feel to the space.

The presence of mirrors shows that the room was thoughtfully decorated and meant to be used. Clients will appreciate how mirrors add design elements to each room.


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Flowers imply thoughtfulness and love, which is why they make a perfect prop. They’ll remind clients of that beautiful bouquet they received from a loved one and displayed with pride.

The key is to use fake flower arrangements so you don’t have to wait for florist deliveries or pay to replace them over and over again.

Focus on chic containers to put the flowers in, and they’ll accent any room.


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A popular trend has homeowners and renters alike buying things like mugs and silverware in metallic designs. That’s why clients will connect with stylish mixed metallics in home decor.

A nice mug or plate display can transfer from house to house — just make sure to wipe off any dust before showing the place.


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One easy way to make a home feel lived in is to use throw pillows.

Bold colors will make a living room or bedroom pop, while different textures and amounts can relax a room with cozy vibes. They’re a must for any empty couch or bed.


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Add a little height variation to any room with a minimalist accent table. Decorative end tables and pedestals can serve to artistically display lamps, art or any other knickknacks on hand.

You can even find collapsible accent pedestals for easy transportation.


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Some agents stage photos because online pictures are so useful for bringing in potential buyers. To catch the eye of someone browsing online, use big props like floor lamps to transform a room.

It’s important to make your props stand out in your photos, especially because 80 percent of potential buyers search online first.

Floor lamps are big enough to make a statement without taking anything away from the room they’re in.


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The bathrooms can arguably be the most challenging rooms to stage. They echo more because of the floors and fixtures, so they come across as cold and unwelcoming.

Fix this in an instant by displaying white linens to impress buyers.

Think of how hotels usually set up towels, and do the same thing. Folding hand towels and rolling a few washcloths will make clients have the comfy feeling that comes with putting away clean clothes.


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A home staging hack most agents use is arranging decorative vignettes for a magazine feel. Vignettes are small decorative displays, so they’re adjustable to any space and theme.

Set up books on a shelf in an artful way, or place baskets in specific, eye-catching locations. Vary the numbers in your collections to keep the vignettes from looking too similar between homes.

Remember, staging props can also be unwanted household items. The age-old standing mirror that was passed down from grandparents or the throw blanket that ended up being an unused holiday gift can find new life in staged homes.

Putting a little effort into staging a home can make all the difference to potential buyers.

They want to imagine their belongings on the shelves and see their future in the home.

Place a few of these staging props around each home before a tour, and potential clients will jump at the chance to start signing.

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